« Clásico bodegón porteño »

In an Argentinian atmosphere, Hugo Naon, Argentinian chef and his team welcome you in their authentic clasico bodegon porteno, in the very heart of Bordeaux, place des Chartrons.

As a tribute to the little argentinian shops combining a deli, counter and snack, “El Nacional” has recreated a space where family is central and time stands still.

Inspired by different cultures from Spain, Italy… and Bordeaux, just like the successive waves of immigration from Argentina, this restaurant provides an authentic and generous cuisine.

These flavourful and gourmet dishes are an invitation to travel. With each recipe comes its own story, happily shared by the chef, like the spinach fritters from his mother, meat cooked on a parilla (a grill) or the alfajores, nut sablé biscuits filled with dulce de leche

The 200 wines on the menu are also selected for their French or Argentinian appellation and their typicity. Your taste buds will truly be charmed !

The team works to ensure a friendly environment and its clients’ comfort, from the counter to the terrace. From solo diners to larger groups, guests are treated with the same care and attention to detail in an aim to delight the senses.

A traditional bodegon
ready to welcome you in every time !